Idle Finance AMA held on the 7th May with Turing Research Network

Idle Finance: AMA Transcript with Turing Research Network

Host: Coinballers

  • Focus on security (4 audits, $ 500k bug bounty program)
  • Battle-tested protocol (active since mid-2019 with now $170M of TVL)

Community Q&A

Thanks for everyones questions, lets give Matteo and Emiliano a chance to answer a few. Our team will review all questions and decide on which ones win, so its not based on which ones are answered now as there are too many to review them all now.

Winners of Community Q&A for Best Questions as judged by Turing Admins

Winner 1: @AbimKhan “How does IDLE Finance compare to many yield offering a very high APY on liquidity staking, and why would investors choose it over other yield opportunities?

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