Defending your digital realm

Just like your body needs to be in an orderly state, so does the state of your digital identity.

Okay, so what does that really mean?

Need more convincing?

Maintenance and Organization

  • Use a password manager (KeyPass or Dashlane) to store your passwords and set your passwords to be long and complex.
  • Stop downloading unnecessary apps and uninstall the unused ones! Your phone or hardware device is just like a person, the more unnecessary junk you put into it the more likely it will to be get sick or infected with malicious software.
  • Backup your data frequently! Even consider backing up your data to a USB or extra external hard drive.
  • Consider re-imaging your device (or factory resetting it) in order to wipe it clean (after you’ve backed everything up) so that you can start using your machine like new.
  • Try organizing your inbox and unsubscribing from pesky or unwanted spam mail.

Watchful and Cautious

  • Create a throw-away (burner) email account that you can use as a blackhole for unwanted emails, temporary services or non-essential uses. You can also do this with a burner phone!
  • Don’t open emails from senders you do not recognize and always check with a manufacturer directly if there is an update to your software or hardware.

Open Source Intel

  • Request your public information removed from sites like or
  • Reduce your online presence by deleting any unused or unwanted social media accounts (using a password manager can help keep track of what accounts you have online).
  • When signing up for online services or goods (or even in-person), try not to use your real name, phone number, email, birthday or any other identifiable information.

Good luck, stay safe and HODL!



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